Elder Bio
Jack Rice

   For many years my wife Anne and our two sons Caleb and Levi have spent summers at our family ranch near Redcrest while living in Woodland during the school year. During the summers, we would attend Hydesville Community Church, but during this period we considered Life Pointe Church in Woodland our home church. This changed when COVID came along. The disruption of school and transition to virtual meetings provided both catalyst and opportunity for our family to move to Humboldt permanently. Since then, we have appreciated the opportunity to make Hydesville Community Church our home church. We came back to HCC at an interesting time. Pastor Delamarian had recently retired, COVID had completely changed the activity of attending church, and HCC was being led by Pastor Patrick as an interim pastor. While there was a lot of uncertainty for the church, we were certain that being part of HCC was consistent with God’s will for our family. Knowing God and understanding His will is a lifelong endeavor. Having been raised in a Christian home and attended a Christian grammar school, I have believed in Jesus for as long as I can remember. But while I believed, I did not really understand what this meant. It was not until I was in college, where I had the opportunity fellowship with others at the same as learning to be independent, that I began understanding how it is that sin separates me from God and why I so desperately need Christ. But even now, the more I learn the more obvious it becomes there is so much more to know. Being part of HCC during both COVID and calling a new lead pastor has once again shown me that God’s ways are not our ways. As we move 
forward, I hope this lesson of patience and endurance will remain with me.