NEW ELDER CANDIDATES … The Board of Elders would like to present to the members of Hydesville Community Church two new candidates for the Board.  

     Bob Pearson is a long-time member of HCC and has served on our Elder team, along with being involved in our Worship, Children and Men’s ministries.  

     Bruce Lund has been involved at HCC for almost five years.  He has had critical roles in our Trustee and Men’s Ministry, as well as having served on our Transition Team early in the Pastor Search Process.
     With this annoncement, according to our church consitution and bylaws, there is a 90-day candidacy period where our members are encouraged to speak with the candidates as well as staff and Elders regarding these men.  During this candidacy period, these men will be attending the meetings of the Elder Team to learn the dynamics and roles that are involved.