Why “Encore?”   These days when people retire, we tend to take a bit of an “intermission” and then step into a season of life with a new goal!  We don’t retire to simply sit on a porch.  We retire into a new season of life, hopefully, filled with meaning and purpose!  Perhaps we have had dreams of what we always wanted to do, and now that there is time available, we step up or step out into something new.  Metaphorically speaking, we come back for the Encore.  We want this time in life to really count for something!  

We know by this time in life that we must be intentional about the choices we make.  Although we may have more time at our disposal, we may not have the finances, health, or energy to do exactly as we please.  We have this wonderous gift we call time, and how we invest those hours can make a tremendous difference in the life of others. Yet, paradoxically, when we give our time and talents for the service of others, we find a meaningful and fulfilling life!  Consider these words of Jesus:

For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.  - Matthew 16:25

There is an incredible joy to be found in serving others, for Christ’s sake.  We are made for ministry!  We hope you will join us in investing some time and energy in caring for others in our church and community.  Along the way, we find that the companionship of friends genuinely committed to sharing the love of Jesus is sweet company indeed!



The Wisdom Chapter


During the days of the 2020 pandemic, we started a newsletter called The Wisdom Chapter.  We wanted to keep the communication flowing with our members who perhaps did not have access to technology.  In addition, we wanted to communicate how highly we value those who have experienced a lot of life and have a great deal of wisdom to share with succeeding generations.

While we are in a better place as a whole where the pandemic is concerned, we continue to acknowledge the unique position of those who may consider themselves in “the Wisdom Chapter of life.”  There is no particular age or circumstance that one must achieve to be a part of this circle. We all benefit from interacting with those in decades or generations ahead of our own.  Some perspectives can only be learned from experience.  Experience is indeed a treasure.  One can share from their life experience and benefit others greatly.  Long-time believers can pray with an increased understanding and fervency for others.

We hope that in the coming year that we can have more times of interaction between generations. This will take some intentionality on all of our parts.  Everyone has something to give to others because we are all made in the image of God.  This provides each person with dignity and value.  Thank you for being a worthy part of this church family.