Hydesville Community Church - July 2021

Hydesville Community Church (HCC) is located at 3296 Highway 36, Hydesville, CA (pop. 1,237).  Hydesville is located 4.5 miles south of Fortuna (pop. 12,210), and 14 miles south of Ferndale (pop. 1,377) in Humboldt County.  Church participants live in Hydesville, Fortuna, Ferndale, and other nearby towns.

Hydesville, along with the surrounding areas, is rural, with dairy farms, beef cattle, farming, and lumber being the mainstays for the community.  There is a friendly, small-town atmosphere, large expanses of open space, and beautiful scenery.  Hydesville is located in the heart of Northern California's coastal redwood region in Humboldt County, which runs along the Pacific coastline.  The Redwood Coast features many outdoor activities, including hiking, backpacking, fishing, golf, river rafting, kayaking, and more.  Humboldt County has several rivers, lakes, and hundreds of streams, as well as county, state, and national parks, beaches, and campgrounds.  The community features historic Victorian architecture which gives the area a unique charm.

Popular yearly events include: The Fortuna Apple Harvest Festival, Humboldt County Fair, Fortuna Redwood Auto Expo, Ferndale Lighted Tractor Parade, Fortuna Rodeo, Kinetic Sculpture Race, Art and Wine in the Park, Hops in Humboldt, Redwood Coast Music Festival, Blues by the Bay, Oyster Festival and Daffodil Days.  There is a local summer collegiate baseball team in Arcata (Humboldt Crabs) and many local residents enjoy going to their games.  Plans are in the works for a new transatlantic fiber-optic cable to connect into Eureka. Humboldt State University (HSU), in Arcata, has just been approved by the California State University as a site for a new polytechnic institution.  Both the cable and the shift at HSU will boost our local economy.  There is a regional airport in McKinleyville (40 miles north of Hydesville).  Eureka is our largest town in the area (24 miles north of Hydesville) with a population of around 27,000.

The weather on the north coast is temperate.  The average daytime summer temperature in Fortuna is around 70 degrees, and the average winter day is in the 50’s.  There are many microclimates in Humboldt County, and it is almost always cooler in Ferndale (near the ocean) than it is a few miles inland in Hydesville.  There are many beautiful summer and fall days where the temperature gets up around 80.  The average rainfall is about 48-inches per year, which means we generally have green hills even in the summer months.  The rainfall feeding the rivers, along with the surrounding redwood trees, gives the landscape its distinct beauty all year long.

There is a well-respected K-8th grade public school in Hydesville, as well as elementary and middle schools in neighboring Fortuna.  The closest high school is located in Fortuna.  The nearby town of Ferndale also has an elementary and high school.  There are two private Christian schools, New Life Christian School and the Seventh-Day Adventist School (Fortuna Junior Academy).  In addition, there is a thriving homeschool community that includes charter schools with varying amounts of on-campus activities.  The families at Hydesville Community Church utilize all of these various school options.  College of the Redwoods is our local community college (16 miles north of Hydesville), and Humboldt State University is our closest 4-year university (about 32 miles to the north in Arcata).  There are many local activities for children with strong community involvement, including soccer, baseball, softball, and football, as well as agricultural clubs such as 4-H and Future Farmers of America (FFA).  In addition, Fortuna sponsors men's, women's, and co-ed softball leagues and a men's basketball league.

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