Heart for People – People matter to God (John 3:16; Luke 15:3-7)

We value PEOPLE.  People matter to God and so, we too, have a heart for people.  We want to treat all people with the same love and delight that God treats us.  We value people who are both inside and outside of our church.  We believe that the greatest gift we can give people is an introduction to Jesus Christ.

Bible-centered preaching and teaching – focus on the Gospel (James 1:22)

We value GOD’S WORD – the Bible.  The Bible was given to change our lives and not just increase our knowledge.  The purpose of the bible is to make us “doers” of the Word and not just “hearers.”  Therefore, we encourage every member to set aside a daily time of interacting with God’s Word through listening, reading, studying, memorization and meditation.  We will preach and teach God’s Word with a focus on explaining and applying it so as to change the lives of those who hear.

A grace-filled atmosphere - demonstrating the culture of heaven (Romans 15:7)

We value a GRACE-FILLED ATMOSPHERE.  The Bible indicates we have been adopted into a new family who has as its head a loving, heavenly Father (God the Father), a noble Son who gave Himself for us (God the Son), and a Spirit that conforms us to the nature of this new family (God the Holy Spirit).  We desire to have the same kind of dynamic between our participants that has been modeled for us by God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  We speak the truth in love with one another so as to resolve issues without withdrawing our love.  We are committed to relational unity that goes beyond the unity we have of a common task.  We want our harmony and unity to be known by our community.

Godly servant-like leadership (Hebrews 13:7)

We value GODLY, SERVANT-LIKE LEADERSHIP.  A church cannot grow further than those who lead it.  Therefore, we will select and/or affirm leaders who have a passion for Jesus Christ, who demonstrate leadership skills with a servant’s attitude, and who show a commitment to the mission of HCC.

Prayer (Philippians 4:6-7)

We value PRAYER.  God has provided prayer as the primary means for us to communicate with Him.  It evidences our complete and total dependence upon Him.  Therefore, we will make prayer our first priority and initial step in any endeavor of our church, rather than making it the last option.  We pray, not to tell God what we want to do, but to discover where He is working so that we may be able to join Him there!

Spiritual Growth - Discipleship

We value SPIRITUAL GROWTH in each participant.  We believe that discipleship begins with evangelism and ends with evangelism.  We want to help introduce people to God the Father through Jesus Christ and then help them understand, appreciate and participate in this new relationship with Him.

Authenticity – a good reputation with those outside the church

We value AUTHENTICITY.  In our present day, the values of the Christian faith are being ignored and even under attack because of the lack of congruency between what Christians say they believe and what they do.  We want to live lives that not only reflect God the Father in all His goodness and glory, but we want to do so in a way that even reflects well on Him when we stumble.  We want to be known in this community for our good works and the love that we show among each other and to our community.  

Excellence in ministry

We value EXCELLENCE IN MINISTRY.  In whatever we attempt, we will strive to do it in a manner that reflects the character of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  We are not striving for perfection – that belongs to God alone.  We are focused on being adequately prepared in every ministry effort we make.