We envision Hydesville Community Church …

...  as a place where the Gospel is preached and unbelievers are pointed to Christ.

...  as a place where all people can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance, and encouragement through God the Father.

… being a catalyst, a resource, and an encourager for all Bible-believing churches in the Eel River Valley.

… developing healthy, growing Christians through a strategic process that includes biblical preaching, dynamic small groups, and personal growth.

… equipping all believers who participate with us for ministry and inspiring them to serve our church and our community.

… as a positive participant in the Hydesville, Fortuna. Ferndale and Carlotta communities.  We want to make a difference spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally throughout the Eel River Valley.

… as a leader in an effort with the Western District, EFCA to plant churches in Humboldt County where no healthy, evangelical churches yet exist.

… being balanced in our approach to and involvement in missions in our Jerusalem (The Eel River Valley), our Judea (United States), and Samaria (cross-cultural efforts in the U.S.) and to the remotest parts of the world (outside the United States).