Hydesville Community Church - July 2021

Hydesville Community Church is a Bible-believing church located in Hydesville, along the north coast of California, and is part of the Evangelical Free Church of America.  We are prayerfully seeking a new Senior Pastor who has been called by God to utilize his gifts in equipping the saints for ministry and actively seeking to reach those apart from Christ. 

The candidate will have a Biblically-driven philosophy of ministry and a pulpit ministry characterized by strong expository preaching and teaching skills.  He will be spiritually and emotionally mature, along with being a man whose life is steeped in prayer and the practice of spiritual disciplines. 

He will be following the successful 37-year tenure of the former senior pastor (retired in June 2020) and the ministry of an Intentional Interim Pastor.  He will be appreciative of and have had experience in serving in a more rural setting.  He will be seeking a long-term pastorate.

Character Qualities

Understands and displays a life that is led by the Holy Spirit with the fruit of the Spirit being evident in all aspects of life (Galatians 5:16-26).

Continually displays a life pattern that fulfills the Biblical qualifications of an elder (1 Timothy 3; Titus 1; 1 Peter 5).

Displays a consistent and constant love for the local church and its participants, believing it to be the vehicle God uses to reach the lost. Interacts well with those outside the church and has a good reputation with the community and the city.

A servant-leader who exhibits humility and grace, and leads in a manner that brings consensus among those he is leading.

Beliefs and Values

In full agreement with the Statement of Faith and ethos of the Evangelical Free Church of America In agreement with the Philosophy of Ministry of Hydesville Community Church, including its mission, values, vision, strategy, and structure.

Relationships and Responsibilities

As a Senior Pastor, he will serve on and be mutually accountable to the Board of Elders.  He will lead and equip the Elders in shepherding the flock.  He will commit himself, with the Elders, to pray for the congregation.  He will encourage leadership, vision, and wisdom in discussions and decision-making with the Elder Team.

As a Senior Pastor, he will work closely with the Director of Worship Ministries to design and facilitate both the content and flow of the worship services.  He will carry the primary responsibility for the preaching ministry of the church.  He will enhance this preaching ministry by being out among the participants of the church as often as possible.

As a Senior Pastor, he will oversee and equip the Elders of the church in their role as ministry leaders, seeking to help them fulfill their areas of responsibility and equip others also.  He will encourage vision, build teamwork and train the Elders to be effective servant-leaders of the church.  He will also encourage and support all of the various ministries of the church by word and by presence.

Education and Ministry Experience

Advanced Biblical or theological training from a Christian graduate school or seminary, or its equivalent in experience.

Have had a successful ministry as a senior pastor, lead pastor, or associate pastor at a church of 100 or more participants for five or more years.